Basic Support Service

Basic Support Service is aimed at fulfilling your basic requirements in your CRM customization, support and technical assistance while importing data to new CRM system.

  • 5 hours of Technical Support
    • Migration Assistance of Regular Priority
    • Personal Account Manager
    • Migration from different file types (CSV/Excel/etc)
  • Migration Assistance
    • Pre-Migration Validation
    • Customization of Migration
    • Migration Setup
    • Preview of Migration Results
    • Migration Results Validation

Extra options:

  • Simple data filtration (e.g., filtering data by the date of creation/etc)
  • Complex data filtration (e.g., by using the specific requirements (date/owner/etc)
  • Custom fields creation
  • Custom module creation

Clients About Us

This service includes the following features:

Migration of up to 6,000 CRM modules items

We will import your accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, and tasks fast and precisely, saving your time and efforts. The price of importing your 6,000 module items is already involved in the service cost.

3 hours of Technical Assistance

Every moment of 3 hours will be spent solely on your CRM data import. We assist you to prepare for your CRM switch and answer all the related questions that bother you. If you have any specific requirements for your CRM data migration, we’ll diagnose your customer relationship management content, check its settings, and let you know how fully they may be met. You will also get help with data configuration if needed.

Regular Priority Migration Assistance

Entrust your CRM data migration to pros! Submit your Basic Support Service request, and we will set up your Migration. The exact time depends on the scope of customization required.

Migration from CSV files (or any other data sources)

You may request the option of CSV files migration from your existing CRM platform to the new one.

Personal Account Manager

You will get a Personal Account Manager who is always there to inform you about the migration progress and answer your questions.

Pre-Migration Validation

To ensure that your migration is smooth and accurate, we will examine your existing CRM installation, its configuration before the start. We will also carefully analyze your customer relationship manager database structure and data types.

Migration Setup

You don’t need to go through the migration setup – we handle this for you. You just specify the necessary access details, and we take care of all the rest!

Preview of Demo Migration Results

We can perform Demo migration on your request. That is the way to see how your data will look like in the new CRM after migration. You will be informed as soon as it’s ready to check its results on your target CRM platform. We proceed with your Full migration only after you confirm it.
Please, contact Account Manager to order it.

Customization of Migration

Your CRM system has been heavily customized, and you’re worried about your migration? Nothing to worry about. We will make the necessary modifications for your migration to run properly. This can involve modifications to your CRM or customizing the migration process to better meet your requirements.

Migration Results Validation

After your data migration is finished, we check your database to make sure that all of the data has been transferred accurately and is properly displayed to visitors. After the results are verified, you can enjoy your brand new CRM system!

When requesting the Support Service, please provide the following details:
  • Source (current) CRM URL, login, and password
  • Target (new) CRM URL, login, and password

Basic Custom Migration Service – $750

Is Basic Support Service not enough for you?

For more hours of support and more migrated items, check out:

Note! If the quantity of records you migrate exceeds the limits of Basic Data Migration Service or you request some options that are not included in it, the payment for the rest will be charged additionally.

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