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Automated Data Migration

  • Migration of over 50 CRM objects

    Import your Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Notes, Emails, Calls, Events, Meetings, Attachments, Products, Users, etc. to the desired solution.

  • Modules matching

    Map the fields and users of the current and future CRMs on your own in accordance with your business requirements. Also, our techs can create the required users on the destination platform corresponding to the existing ones.

  • Relations between the entities

    Choose the modules you want to migrate to the future CRM and move the records together with relations between the items.

  • Custom fields

    Migrate the custom items of your current CRM to the new solution, and transfer the default records right from the migration wizard.

  • Migration insurance
    It’s used to safeguard your data from the unexpected pitfalls. The insurance can be used during the specific period depending on the chosen plan.

    Restart migration over for the several times in case you want to make some changes. Read more

Start from $63

The CRM migration price depends on the number of records you want to migrate.

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All-in-One Custom Migration Package

  • All advantages of automated migration
  • Any CRM objects

    Move any modules to the new platform including the custom ones.

  • Any data sources

    Migrate from any data sources like various databases, dumps, files, etc.

  • Any filters and requirements
    Analyze and clean out the database 
    Our techs will help you to make all the needed tasks with the database.
    with the help of our tech gurus.
  • Pre- and post-migration validation

    Take advantage of Quality Assurance (QA) department that examines your transfer results of each module in accordance with a checklist and your specific requirements.

  • Personal assistant

    Simplify the CRM migration with Data2CRM personal approach. The assigned account manager can set up the data import for you to perform the switch effortlessly.

  • Pre-migration Investgation

    It is a necessary option before the Custom migration that contains of getting a detailed report regarding the future process, migration possibilities, time and cost estimate

Types of Custom Migration Packadges

You can choose from 4 Custom Migration Packages that include individual tech’s work on your migration, personal account manager, migration setup, customization of migration, migration assistance, etc.

  • Up to 6 000 records
  • 5 hours of Tech. Support
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  • Up to 15 000 records
  • 7 hours of Tech. Support
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  • Up to 40 000 records
  • 10 hours of Tech. Support
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  • More than 40 000 records
  • 40 hours of Tech. Support
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The CRM migration price depends on the number of records you want to migrate, the amount of custom fields and other additional requirements.

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Additional Services

Pre-migration Investigation

Pre-migration investigation is a necessary option that must be performed via our techs before the Custom migration. It consists of getting a detailed report regarding the future process, migration possibilities, time and cost estimate.

In terms of pre-migration estimation, any special requirements like filtration, modules or objects customisation, migration data to other modules, etc. will be taken into account.

Please note. You can change your requirement of pre-migration investigation up to 2 times for free. The further re-estimation will cost according to working hours of the technicians.

Notice that investigation will be repeated for no fee in case the technical error appearance from our side.

Start Pre-migration Investigation

Custom Demo Migration

Data2CRM technicians will map the fields regarding your requirements and perform Demo Migration to evaluate the results. All you need is to tell us which modules have to be transferred, specify the relations between them, and approve the mapping document.

Please note that we will migrate up to 10% of records from the overall amount of data you want to transfer. Regarding the cost of Custom Demo Migration, it is paid option depending on the case (10-30% from the cost of your Package).

Notice. You can change mapping or requirements and request us to re-run the Custom Demo up to 2 times without additional fee. If there will appear any issues because of us, we'll fix it and restart Demo without extra cost as well.

Request Custom Demo Migration

Assisted Migration

You can take advantage from this option in the case, when you don’t want to buy Package Migration, yet need some custom requests to be done by our tech gurus.

Purchasing Assisted Migration, you entrust your CRM data conversion setup to the high-qualified tech team.

Take a look at the list of the requests we can fulfil during the Assisted Migration.

Request Assisted Migration

CRM Migration Insurance

If you want to avoid any unexpected pitfalls after CRM data migration, you can take advantage of CRM Migration Insurance. The unforeseen circumstances can vary from data was corrupted with 3rd party modules installed on your CRMs to the new solution was incorrectly installed or the business data got wrongly modified during the post-migration implementation.

Since you can’t predict the future issues, Data2CRM offers you an opportunity to ensure your transfer and get a possibility to start the same migration over in just 2 clicks. Besides, you can launch the data import in case you want to make some changes (e.g. data mapping) in the previous data import.

The costs range from 12% to 20% of total data import price while starting the new migration can take a lot of efforts and costs more. By using CRM Migration Insurance, you can minimize the time expenditures since you don’t need to contact us, spend time on the separate payment and run the migration on your own.

Read more about Migration Insurance

Recent Data Migration

Imagine the situation when you successfully migrated your data to the new platform using Data2CRM. But, you keep using your previous CRM system as well. So, after a while, there appears a necessity to import new data to the new CRM again.

In this case, you can request Recent Data Migration option. Data2CRM will move all leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks, accounts and other data (or only the selected records) from the chosen platform to your new CRM once more, right after your previous full successful transfer.

The cost of Recent Data Migration Service is calculated as 50% off the NEW migration price for the number of records during standard migration. To request this option, please contact your account manager to import your new data to the target CRM.
Note: this option works only with your existing migration, it means that the source and target CRMs must be the same as in the previous migration (accounts).

Request Recent Data Migration

All Data Remigration

Suppose that you have already performed the CRM data import. However a number of new items were recorded in the current platform, as well as the destination CRM became too complex due to the various configurations and customization. In this case, All Data Remigration is your choice to consider.

This option provides you with opportunity to delete all the records from the future CRM and start migration over from your old software. Note: this option works only with your existing migration, it means that the source and target CRMs must be the same as in the previous migration.

As a result, you obtain all new records on your desired CRM and pay only 50% off the migration price for the number of modules during standard transfer. If you want to request All Data Remigration, get in touch with your account manager to switch the new information to your desired CRM.

Start All Data Migration Over

CRM Integrations and Development

Our technicians can integrate your CRM system with other third-party add-ons, as well as develop the specific solution for business processes to help you achieve the desired results. Got interested? Fill out a form!

Request CRM Integrations and Development

Сustom CRM Setup and Settings

Data2CRM specialists can set up your new CRM platform in accordance with your organization requirements. Also, our techs can help you fix up your business workflow and create the custom fields. So, if you want to move the records and modify them in accordance with your business requirements, the personal approach can be applied.

Your account manager will set up a task for Data2CRM techs to investigate the peculiarities of current and future platforms. Our engineers can simplify your CRM migration with a number of customization options and your personal account manager will be always there to inform you about the CRM migration progress and answer your questions.

Request Custom Setup and Settings

Request Clear Target CRM Data

This option allows you to delete the current data (account, contact, leads, emails, notes, etc.) from your Target CRM, based on the selected modules.

All you need is to fill in the form and your personal account manager will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss the details.

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