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How much does the migration cost?

The prices for migration are flexible. The total migration cost depends only on the quantity of your CRM data in particular a number of contacts, leads, accounts, tasks, and opportunities.

You can calculate the exact price of your migration previously using Migration Estimator above.

Do I need to provide my credit card details to start free demo migration?

No, you do not have to specify your credit card data to start your free demo migration. You just have to create your account and Data2CRM migrates limited amount of your CRM data.

How can I pay for the migration service?

You can pay via credit card or PayPal. For more information please check out PayPro website.

Do I have to pay VAT?

In accordance to international laws, every Data2CRM account refill is accompanied with tax collection. To be specific PayPro is the company that handles taxes from Data2CRM migrations. PayPro collects VAT from all EU consumers and the VAT is paid directly to the relevant national authority.

But if your company is a corporate entity and has VAT id, you don’t need to pay VAT.

For Canada, the GST and HST are collected and sent to the Canadian Government

Do you have a free trial version?

Yes, Data2CRM provides you with the free Demo Migration and allows to transfer up to 10 items of each module to your new CRM. If you are satisfied with the results, you will be able to start full data migration.

How can I add funds to my account?

You may add funds to your Data2CRM account in two ways:

  1. Withing your dashboard.
  2. Or just right after your free demo migration.

You’ll be redirected to Data2CRM Secure Checkout to proceed with the payment process.

What our clients say

20+ CRMs in fully automated way and others in custom migration

We are more than glad to find data2crm in our web search, they help us a lot migrating all the info from our old CRM to the new one, despite some issues we found (which is totally normal in this kind of jobs) they were supporting us until work was completed successfully, thanks a lot guys!!!

Alejandro Migliora

Worth the time and money for custom Insightly import

Alex understood our needs very easily and was able to give us an affordable solution to importing Insightly organizations WITH relationships between organizations intact. Despite the time difference, the time it took to complete the job was completely within reason and we were told of the timetable in advance. The job was completed on time. The customer support team was very responsive.

Diane Carroll

Helpful, professional, accurate changeover of CRM data.
+ Supported many additional requests
+ Great customer service and Alex / Lucy were nice to work with
+ Accurate
+ Time zone difference made it tough to communicate in real-time
+ Could have been faster

Peter Nulsen


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