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Are you a representative of a custom development company, CRM consultant, freelancer or just a person who provides CRM platform setting up, customization and management services?

If “Yes”, then our special offer is just the job for you.

Get up to 30% discount and route the power of Data2CRM to advance your success

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How Can Data2CRM Partnership Work for You?

  • Offer a plenty of opportunities and extend your listing of supported services with the help of Data2CRM. Think about it this way: you will be able to provide development, management or setting up services for 2-3 CRM platforms, and enable an accurate and secure tool for migration to any of these CRMs.
  • To be more specific, your potential customer runs their business with the help of very expensive or lacking some crucial functionality CRM system and looks forward to switching to another CRM, which you support. You can provide the valuable offer of straightforward and easy data migration to the desired CRM including development, setting up or consultation services.
  • Instead of spending hours for importing, copy/paste entities or coding for transferring customer’s records to the desired platform, you can ensure the speed and quality of CRM data migration with Data2CRM. The automated service can perform this switch in a couple of hours (yet the duration of the process depends directly on the amount of the records on the existing CRM). Besides, you may not disclose the tool you use for data migration.
  • Use Data2CRM as a white-label solution and make it an invisible tool for CRM migrations. We can enable you with a dedicated instance of the service to perform data transfers to your CRM platform or with your specific requirements.

Get More Advantages with Data2CRM

  • Personal account manager will help you to solve any upcoming questions
  • 24/7 high-priority support
  • Constant service updates in accordance with CRM versions or feature releases
  • No program fees or certification requirements

How Will Discount Be Calculated?

Data2CRM partners receive a discount in accordance with a number of performed CRM data migrations. The table belows explains the policies of our partner program:

Partner Discount Program
1 performed migration 5% discount
5 performed migrations 10% discount
10 performed migrations 15% discount
15 performed migrations 20% discount
20 performed migrations 25% discount
50 performed migrations 30% discount

How to Become Data2CRM Partner and Get a Discount?

  • 1. Fill in and submit a partnership request.
  • 2. Receive your permanent migration discount.
  • 3. Run CRM data migrations for your clients.


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