Salesforce to Bitrix24: Instructive Guide for Whopping Switch 2019 [video inside]


Businesses of various industries understand already the efficiency and vitality of CRM systems and enjoy the ROI and customer relationships boost. Despite the hefty options, some solutions miss at the fulfilling company demands what causes the need for the CRM change.

Ensure Requirement in CRM Switch

As a rule, businesses decide to migrate from their current systems due to the high subscription fees and outdated features. Besides, the unstructured data and the inability to manage this issue are brought about the cumbersome interface and low-end functionality. To exclude these shared troubles, vendors choose full-featured cloud solutions such as Salesforce and Bitrix24 for managing all customer-facing processes.

Salesforce vs Bitrix24: Practical Option for Business Improvement

Obviously, Salesforce has well-earned popularity in CRM technology world, but the tight contracts and subscription costs spur business owners to look for more budget-friendly solutions.

Thus, Bitrix24 is a cloud CRM with high integration abilities; Bitrix24 offers options for sales and marketing processes, aids in project planning and workload distribution. It provides direct phone and video calls and scheduled follow-up sending out. The analytic tool helps to measure the effectiveness of staff and each transaction.

Besides, this solution offers a comprehensive pricing and free plan for up to 12 users. As for other editions, the pricing starts from $31 (due to the Winter Sale).

Taking into account mentioned above reasons, there may appear a decision to migrate Salesforce to Bitrix24.

Automated Migration As An Effective Solution

Many businesses look for a credible and fast way of data transfer. File importing is quite lasting and requires profound knowledge in fields mapping. Coding script is expensive and may cause system downtime. Yet, you can migrate from Salesforce to Bitrix24 in an automated way with Trujay. The service works online and excludes any side interference or programming.

Workable Instruction of Salesforce to Bitrix24 Switch

Video tutorial

Step-by-step Salesforce to Bitrix24 tutorial

Step 1. Go to Migration wizard, register your account or log in as Salesforce user, via the Social account or Google.

Step 2.  Select Salesforce from a drop-down menu and permit the access to your admin account by pressing the ‘Allow’ button.

Specify your Bitrix24 CRM from a drop-down menu and provide URL. After that, you will see an offer to add the Bitrix24 plugin. Do it by the following instruction of not yet.

Step 3. Choose CRM modules you want to switch to Bitrix24. Launch a free Salesforce to Bitrix24 sample Migration. The service will transfer a limited amount of records from each specified module during this procedure.

Step 4. In case, you are satisfied with the sample results, start your full Salesforce to Bitrix24 migration.

Final Slice

Don't wait up and catch the opportunity!
Estimate number of records on your Salesforce and expected migration price or launch a free and secure Salesforce to Bitrix24 Sample Migration right away to see Trujay in action.

Las técnicas de venta y las preferencias de los clientes cambian constantemente. ¿Por qué no probar diferentes CRM?

Seleccione la plataforma deseada, haga unos pocos clics y pruebe su nuevo CRM.

Migraremos sus datos al futuro sistema CRM de manera rápida, segura y de manera totalmente automatizada.

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