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Do you actually know how many records are there on your CRM and how much will it cost to migrate them all to the new platform automatically?

Estimate the number of records on your CRM and expected migration price
in a few clicks for free, no registration needed.

Let’s see what you will get.

  • Possibility to count all data records on your current CRM (Accounts, Attachments, Call, Campaigns, Cases, Comments, Contacts, Emails, Events, Invoices, InvoiceItems, Leads, Meetings, Notes, Opportunities, Orders, OrderItems, Posts, PriceBooks, Products, Projects, Quotes, QuoteItems, Tags, Tasks, Users).
  • Estimate probable migration price fir automated import.
  • Remove unneeded data modules from the estimation process if the price does not suit you well or include them back.
  • Launch Sample import right from Estimator page and re-run it as many times as needed for free.

And all these things are available with no registration required!

So, what are you waiting for?
Visit the Estimator and try it out right now.

In case of the CRM can’t be estimated automatically, feel free to contact Trujay experts and get useful insights or launch online chat.

Estimate CRM Migration Price easily together with Trujay.



Las técnicas de venta y las preferencias de los clientes cambian constantemente. ¿Por qué no probar diferentes CRM?

Seleccione la plataforma deseada, haga unos pocos clics y pruebe su nuevo CRM.

Migraremos sus datos al futuro sistema CRM de manera rápida, segura y de manera totalmente automatizada.

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