Enhanced Security

Privacy and Security of Your Data is Guaranteed

Trujay is the web service that performs the data conversion from one CRM platform to another precisely and swiftly in a few split minutes. Your accounts, leads, contacts, opportunities, tasks, etc. will be switched to a new CRM software solution with the precautions for reliable safety of your CRM data at each conversion step.

We absolutely comply with your confidentiality and guarantee that all your CRM data is 100% secure before, during, and after migration procedure.

  • Trujay does not keep any of your external or internal CRM software data.
  • All the information collected by Trujay service is private and under no circumstances shall it be disclosed or sold to the third party.

We have also developed the row of measures to ensure your data protection:

  • Terms of Service which define the rules of service usage and establish the major terms and obligations.
  • Privacy Policy which ensures information protection and level of user data security.
  • Security Policy outlines some of the mechanisms and processes that we have implemented to help ensure that your business data is protected.
  • Service Level Agreement which provides guidelines of service management, support and technical departments operation.
  • Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) - legally binding contract between the company and service user which promises to treat your confidential information securily.

The documentation mentioned above ensures that:

  1. We do not share or sell your personal information.
  2. The access to your data is restricted to MagneticOne Team members.
  3. Personal information is used only for the specific purposes it was collected for.
  4. All the procedures involving your CRM information are performed on highly secured servers.

How Trujay works?

When signing up for Trujay account, you should provide the following information:

  • your name,
  • e-mail address
  • password.

Then, you’ll have to specify the details of your source and target CRM systems. Namely: source and target CMS type, both CRM URL addresses, your logins, and passwords.

After that, Trujay detects your CRM content that should be transferred to your new customer relationship management system and proceeds with an automated switch.

Trujay doesn’t copy and doesn’t save any information or files from your computer!

Contact Us

All the questions, comments, requests and complaints regarding your data security and the information we hold are welcome and should be mailed to Trujay on sales@trujay.com, support@trujay.com or written in live chat.
Contact us 11 AM - 7 PM (GMT +02.00) Monday through Friday.

Trujay complies with GDPR regulations, more info on this you can find on our Trujay and GDPR Regulations page.


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