Case study
Customized CRM Data Migration of Accounts and Contacts
Customer Concerns
The customer wanted to perform the migration of the custom modules: 5 000 Contacts into Accounts and 8 000 Accounts into Contacts. The task was to indicate the right relations between the records.
  • migration of the custom modules that are not supported in the automated data import
  • migration of the specific modules type (Agents, Vendors) of the current CRM into the different type of the future platform;
  • move CRM records without the downtime of the current and future solutions.
  • migrate the accounts into contacts, and contacts into accounts.
  • transfer the entities and preserve the right relations of the items related to accounts and contacts.
We took into consideration all specific client’s recommendations regarding the CRM data import to a future platform, as well as resolved the issues in the following way:

Data2CRM techs investigated the peculiarities of the current and future CRM systems and explored the modules customizations of the destination platform.


After that, our techs created the detailed modules mapping of the existing and new platforms and sent it to the client for confirmation.


The client’s techs had some specific mapping requirements:

  • migration of accounts into contacts,
  • transfer of contacts into accounts.

Consequently, the issue was to migrate these entities and preserve the right relations of the items related to accounts and contacts.
Data2CRM techs changed the default settings and migrated the records with relationship to modules in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Also, our team determined the copies of some entities and cleaned out the unnecessary items with the help of deduplication feature.
Then, we successfully migrated 7 000 Activities, 2 000 Clients; 28 000 Applications; 30 000 Policies; 35 000 Products; 1 000 Agents in accordance with mapping requirements of the client.


The Quality Assurance (QA) department examined the migration results in accordance with the our checklist and customer needs.


The migration of accounts into contacts and contacts into accounts was performed successfully. All relations between these modules and related items were preserved in the right way


Modules Mapping was performed to satisfy the customer’s specific needs

The Advantages of Data2CRM.Migration
Automatically CRM Data Migration
automation assures your transfer to be swift and simple
Custom Fields Migration
custom transfer to meet the special company requirements
Free Demo Migration
test transition offers you to observe the service in action
100% Uptime of Both CRMs
no downtime and interruptions of the business processes
Modules and Users Mapping
fields and users mapping in accordance with the business needs
Data Security and Privacy
security regulations guarantee to treat the information privately
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