MagneticOne Ventures Announces Trujay Investment and CRMOne Acquisition

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MagneticOne Ventures
14 Nov, 2018, 09:00
EST Ternopil, Ukraine


Trujay Group and MagneticOne have combined forces as Trujay acquiring the CRMOne technology (Data2CRM) and staff. The new company - Trujay, will retain Data2CRM as a product line.


Nov 1, 2018 - MagneticOne and Trujay Group have completed the acquisition of CRMOne LLC, and now the newly formed Trujay provides CRM users with expanded data migration and integration software and services, delivers seamless flow of their business information among various SaaS solutions, and ensures improved customer support. MagneticOne Ventures and Trujay Group both invested in the new Trujay company.


Both Trujay Group and Data2CRM offer market-leading CRM data migration and integration solutions that have completed thousands of successful data projects and have satisfied users all over the world. By combining Data2CRM and Trujay Group technologies and teams, the new company will provide users with superior experience in managing data within CRM and migrating between various platforms. Customers will get a wide range of migration and integration possibilities ranging from self-service automated data transfers to robust custom migrations performed by skilled technicians according to the user’s requirements and wishes. Trujay will provide sales and services 24/7 across the globe.


I am incredibly excited to see one of MagneticOne’s leading investments combined with the Trujay team, our Venture group is happy to be investing in the new company. Bringing Data2CRM’s capabilities to the Trujay Group customer and partner base will provide additional value and help build stronger long-term relationships,” said Ruslan Savchyshyn, CEO and Founder, MagneticOne Ventures.


This is a great day for Trujay and our customers and partners around the world. Our strategy is aimed at becoming the global CRM Data experts. With the addition of Data2CRM, we are rapidly expanding Trujay’s abilities and building a global talent pool of professionals solely focused on the needs of CRM managers. Our combined team has deep expertise and local know-how to deliver outstanding value and results for our customers,” said Darren Trumeter, CEO, Trujay Group.


CRMONE LLC migration service was launched by the MagneticOne Group of companies in 2014. It is an IT company specializing in software development with a focus on CRM migration, integration, and data enrichment. CRMONE LLC has become a popular brand all over the world and is trusted by 16 of the top CRM vendors including Salesforce and HubSpot. The products support automated data transfers among more than 50 various CRM platforms and over 50 modules.


Trujay Group delivers quality technology and services to handle various CRM data needs, including migrating to a new CRM system as well as connecting other core SaaS systems (ERP, MA, Help Desk, etc.) for seamless data flow that improves efficiency and helps drive sales growth. Trujay Group partners with numerous CRM and MA vendors including HubSpot, Marketo, and more.


Trujay will have offices in the US and Europe:

USA Office

  • 3267 Bee Caves Road
  • Austin, Texas 78746


EU Office

  • 5B Brodivska St.
  • Ternopil, Ukraine, 46000


Sales Department:

Support Department:

Business and Partnership:


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