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Warum Data2CRM.Migration?

  • Automatisierte CRM-Datenmigration

    Die Automatisierung stellt sicher, dass Ihre CRM-Migration schnell und einfach verläuft.

  • Möglichkeit, die Migration neu zu starten

    Es ermöglicht, die Präferenz für die Migration zu ändern und den Import während eines bestimmten Zeitraums neu zu starten.

  • Import beliebiger CRMs oder Dateien

    Data2CRM.Migration ermöglicht jede Art von Datenmigration.

  • Kostenlose Demo-Migration

    Importieren Sie eine begrenzte Menge an Daten in Ihr neues CRM, um herauszufinden, wie es funktioniert.

  • Detaillierte Mapping von Modulen und Benutzern

    Mappen Sie die Felder Ihrer aktuellen und zukünftigen CRMs Ihren Geschäftsanforderungen entsprechend.

  • Richtige Datenbeziehungen

    Der Dienst behält die Beziehungen zwischen den migrierten Daten bei.

  • Schnell und intuitiv

    Keine fortgeschrittenen Fähigkeiten sind notwendig, folgen Sie einfach den Anweisungen.

  • Unterstützung von benutzerdefinierten Feldern

    Gewährleisten den schnellen und sicheren Datenimport von CRM-Modulen.

  • Während und nach der Migration Technischer Support

    Erfahrene Technik-Gurus sind immer da, um dir zu helfen.

Von führenden CRM-Anbietern empfohlen und empfohlen

Planen Sie Felder, die Sie migrieren möchten

Profitieren Sie von der eingebauten Option des Datenmapping und errichten Sie die Migration der Datensätze zu den ausgewählten Feldern. Sie können auch den Übergang bestimmter Felder ausschließen, sollten diese Ihren Geschäftsprozessen nur wenig oder keinen Wert bieten.

wizard mapping
wizard mapping

Migration von benutzerdefinierten Feldern und Daten

Sie können die benutzerdefinierten Datenfelder vom bestehenden CRM zur gewünschten Plattform bewegen und die Standardeinträge direkt aus dem Migrations-Wizard übertragen.

Angemessene Datenbeziehung zu Mitarbeiter

Data2CRM unterstützt auch das Nutzermapping, sodass Sie Einträge zu den entsprechenden Nutzern auf der neuen Plattform übertragen können oder auch andere Nutzer auswählen können.

wizard mapping

Einfache Nutzung & robuster Migrations-Wizard

Die CRM Datenmigration ist auf wenige Muasklicke im Migrations-Wizard reduziert. Alles was Sie tun müssen, ist Ihre Details zu Bestehenden und Künftigen CRM Plattformen bereitstellen.


Was unsere Kunden sagen

Echte Zeugnisse von echten Kunden

Maximilien Cost
Managing Director at Brainet 
Easy migration with support for the difficult parts
It was easy to transfer and I transfered most of my data easily. It was done quickly (less than a few minutes)
Mark McGraw
Mark McGraw
Owner of Sandler/Sales Engine LLC  www.salesengine.sandler.com
Super easy to use. Most of the fields were already mapped for me so much of the work was done. Frankly, the interface was very pleasant and easy to navigate. Plus...let's not forget this...it worked!
Very responsive customer service. Worked through any issues I had and made sure I was 100% satisfied
Support staff was very accommodating, and even allowed me to correct and error via API after the migration was completed.
The mapping template was very confusing to me. However I will say Data2CRM turned this into a positive, by being very helpful, and in the end allowed me to create my own mapping in excel, and doing the mapping for me. Then all I had to do was confirm the final version.
Mike McPeak
Mike McPeak
CRM Administrator at Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc.  haletrailer.com
Kris Borgraeve
Kris Borgraeve
Director at Digital Practice 
At https://www.digitalpractice.com.au (Marketing for Doctors) we wanted to use AgileCRM and had our database stored in Hubspot. Data2CRM Migration helped us in an afternoon and we were able to keep our marketing/sales operations going during and immediately after the migration. Great tool. Good service. Thank you.
Andrew Lowe
Andrew Lowe
Marketer at CXO-Cockpit  www.cxo-cockpit.com
Data2CRM were the quickest to respond to my requests and the results are great. With quite a challenging task they delivered the finished product well under the expected time frame which was a huge plus for us.
Philippe Allot
Philippe Allot
CEO at ORDINAL Software  www.ordinal.fr
Exhaustive migration of a complex CRM database
The ability to migrate complex custom fields into Pipedrive's approach, so preserving our information since a long period.
Reem Aljamel
Reem Aljamel
TDM Group  www.tdmgroup.net

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch und Europäisches Spanisch verfügbar.

Supportive on Live chat...excellent product, just have to realise that these crms arent designed to talk to one another, what they do is a convenience.
John Pickering
John Pickering
Group Marketing Manager at Accident Exchange Group Plc  www.accidentexchange.com
Cristian Quinteros
Cristian Quinteros
Partner & Senior Salesforce Consultant at CRM Tutor Inc.   crmtutor.com
I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for their help getting this done. I know we struggled throughout this project as we were learning each others processes.
Having said that, overall I've been happy with the overall effort and the end result from your team.
We would like to continue to work with you in the future for our other clients....we can leverage what we've learned from this project about each other to improve processes/setup/communication between our teams on future projects.
Jesse To
Jesse To
IT Consultant at Information Technology and Services 
"I sent them a database and they put it into my system for me. It was very hands off, and painless."
Professional and easy to work with it. I would use this time and time again. I've done a lot of manual data migrations myself over the years, but times have evolved and it's best to go with someone who knows all the data mapping so nothing is missed. They focus on these products and are great!
Overall: Recovered lost data on a broken CRM system.
Cody Jones
Cody Jones
IT Manager at GRC Solutions  www.grcrisksolutions.com
"Difficult migration made easy"
Tailored assistance through a difficult mapping from Dynamics to Zoho CRM. They were able to deal with all mappings we threw at them.
Jorgen Schvaneveldt
Jorgen Schvaneveldt
Topjob Asphalt  topjobasphalt.com
Certainly the best solution have used in decades. 100% automated data migration.
I was pleasantly surprised throughout the process.
Marcel Odiboh
Marcel Odiboh
Head, IT at CWG PLC   cwg-plc.com
Philip Kramer
Philip Kramer
Salesforce implementation consultant  nuageexperts.com
You guys did a good job, for a very reasonable price. Thanks!!
Ramsay Smith
Ramsay Smith
VP Sales at Forticode  www.forticode.com
Worked amazingly well once we got through a small issue with Sample Migration - very seamless, and good support - saved me from hours of manual cut and paste, and the referential integrity appears solid between all of migrated data in the new CRM.
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