CRM Migration: Prepare Your Data and Company from Get-Go

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Find out the Necessary Actions to Complete Ahead of Time for Successful CRM Data Migration


CRM transfer is a common, if not necessary process towards the company prosperity. Explore the main preparation steps to consider before the data import that can help you ease the process.

The competitive business environment induces CRM industry to the constant improvements. As a result, many organizations try to keep up with the functional and technological possibilities and migrate CRM data to the more advanced platforms. This white paper covers the essential activities to perform before CRM transfer for excluding the risks of the migration failure and ensuring the success of the undertaking.

Here you will discover the answers to the next questions:

  • How to clean and filter database before the transfer?
  • How to create the CRM transition workflow?
  • How to find the right migration tool?
  • How to start working with the new CRM?

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