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Salesforce is an award-winning CRM which provides a great platform to organize, share, search and manage content within an organization. It is indisputably the most recognized CRM software brand with the help of which you can accelerate your mission and generally work more productively. The application offers all the required tools to drive success in one place – campaign management, real-time analytics, web portals, team collaboration, mobile access, etc. Salesforce CRM ideally meets the needs of companies of all sizes, from the smallest local organizations to the largest international enterprises.

What data I can migrate?

Salesforce Modules From To
UsersFirst name, last name, title, phone numbers, address details, role, date of creation, date of last modificaton, emailSupportedSupported
LeadsDescription, first name, last name, title, phone number, fax, email, address details, website, lead status, source, industry, lead ownerSupportedSupported
ContactsDescription, first name, last name, title, department, phone numbers, email, address detailsSupportedSupported
EventsLocation, subject, description, start date, end date, access, date of creation and modification, parent type, parent id, contact id, owner idSupportedSupported
OpportunitiesName, description, type, amount, close date, next step, stage, lead source, probability, opportunity owner, date of creation, date of last modificationSupportedSupported
AccountsName, description, type, industry, fax, address details, phone, website, ownership, employees , ticker symbol, shipping address details, related contactSupportedSupported
TasksSubject, description, status, due date, name of the contact, priority, related account, related opportunity, related userSupportedSupported
NotesTitle, body, created date, modified date, parent type, parent id, parent nameSupportedSupported

Extra Supported Migration

The migration of extra supported modules requires special treatment and peculiar data mapping. In order to migrate this data as well as other CRM information, please request a demo migration your personal account manager will contact you to assist you with the transfer.

Salesforce Modules From To
Notes open text field with the short information that describes certain activity Supported Supported
Attachments documents that may be accossiated with peculiar module Supported Supported
Custom fields non-default field that is created to meet business requirements to the full Supported Supported
Emails assigned activities to the company members associated with the peculiar clients Supported Supported
Other Modules a set of companies or departments contact details and other related data Supported Supported
Modules and fields mapping may vary accordingly to your demands and business need, just request a demo migration and point out required peculiarities of data transfer.

How it Works

1. Register an Account or Log In

Register your Data2CRM account to start your CRM data migration. Complete the form by providing your name, email, a phone number and choosing a password. It will take a minute of your time.

Register an Account or Log In
Provide Your Current CRM System Details

2. Provide Your Current CRM System Details

The next step requires defining your existing CRM solution. You have to choose your current CRM from a drop-down menu, specify URL, and provide access credentials (login, password or API key).

Specify Your Future CRM Information

At this stage, you point out your new CRM URL, its type and access credentials (login, password or API key).

Note! In case you want to see your data on a new CRM, but haven't installed it yet, you may migrate to test SugarCRM, SuiteCRM or Vtiger platforms.

Specify Your Future CRM Information
Choose the CRM Modules You Want to Switch

3. Choose the CRM Modules You Want to Switch

After defining your existing and future CRM details, you should select the entities you want to migrate. Check out the boxes and activate the modules for a switch.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Opportunities
  • Leads
  • Users
  • Notes

Also, you can set up the specific fields mapping on your own to comply with your business need. If you get a notification that some fields are not mapped, you should choose the available option on your new CRM. All the terminology used in the current solution will be preserved, so you can check the correctness of data before the switch.

Try Free Demo Migration

Now, you may start a free Demo Migration to your new CRM platform. The service also migrates the relationships between entities: accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities and notes.

Apart from this, you may request customized demo migration to test how Data2CRM transfers default modules together with the custom fields, notes, attachments, emails, and other modules. Request a demo migration

When the Demo Migration to your new CRM is completed, it is important to check the results out immediately. Start reviewing Demo outcomes from the Contact module - inspect and compare the current and transferred records to ensure the accuracy.

Try free demo
Start Full Migration

4. Start Full Migration

Finally, you can start your Full Migration and switch data to your new CRM platform. When your Full Migration is completed, check its results out, and get down to running your business more efficiently with the new CRM solution.

Video Tutorial

Watch step-by-step video tutorial on how to perform data migration with DATA2CRM and just in five minutes you will be ready to complete full data transfer from or to Salesforce

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What our clients say

20+ CRMs in fully automated way and others in custom migration

It’s pleasant to work with data2crm. Although there have been some accidents which triggered it took more time than expected to complete, we are still satisfied with the final result. Their staff are patient and professional.

Stephanie Yao

Cloud Stratagem Pty Ltd of

Great company, great support

They continued to stay in touch with us throughout the migration process and after. Thank You

Raja Abbas

Marketing Manager, Computronix

Helpful, professional, accurate changeover of CRM data.
+ Supported many additional requests
+ Great customer service and Alex / Lucy were nice to work with
+ Accurate
+ Time zone difference made it tough to communicate in real-time
+ Could have been faster

Peter Nulsen


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