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Highrise Import

Effortless and Secure Way of Highrise Import from the existing CRM or CSV files

How to Import Your Data to Highrise Successfully

Check out how we handle CRM import to help you reach the continuous business growth.

Choose your existing and future CRM systems

Select the objects you want to migrate

Start a free migration preview with the limited amount of data

Perform all data migration and enjoy a new CRM

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Find out how much to data migration costs.

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Automated Migration Price

All selected records will be migrated except the Attachments due to the API limits of your CRM platforms.

All selected records will be migrated.

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Please note: the prices are approximate.

  • For an Automated Migration, you will get an exact cost estimate after the Demo Migration as we count an amount of your entities in an automated way.
  • For the Custom Migration - an exact cost of data import will be provided after the invistigation of the current and future CRMs' pecularities.
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How It Works

To perform your Highrise Import follow the steps below:

  1. Create Data2CRM Account
    Register your account at
  2. Setup Source CRM
    Choose your existing CRM and specify the required details.
  3. Setup Target CRM
    Select Highrise as a Future Solution and provide access credentials.
  4. Perform Mapping
    Map the fields and users on your own in accordance with your business requirements.
  5. Start Free Demo
    Start Free Demo migration and a limited amount of entities will be imported to Highrise CRM within 10 minutes.
  6. Start Full Migration
    After evaluating test CRM import results, launch the Full CRM data Migration.

See How Simple Is to Import CRM Data

Take the tour and observe how easily is to migrate business data from your current CRM to the desired one.

Your Data Security - Top Priority for Us

We take security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your business data is secure. Security is essential in working with customers’ information, Data2CRM.Migration team builds the service on the effective and security-focused practices.

Physical Security Layer

Our datacenters are hosted on secure facilities. It includes:
  • High-security video-monitored around all perimeter
  • Entry via a transponder key in electronic access control terminals
  • Surveillance cameras for 24/7 monitoring of access routes
Furthermore, it is protected from physical and logical attacks, and from natural disasters such as fires or floods.

Network Security Layer

Data2CRM network security team protects your data against the most sophisticated electronic attacks. We use the best and proven practices of network security. Data2CRM.Migration offers the following preventive measures:
  • network firewalls
  • DDoS preventions
  • network posture assessment

Application Security Layer

Our service provides you with HTTPS-encrypted communication, role-based authorization, and validation of all requests to ensure the security on the application level.

Security Audits

On a regular basis we scan all systems to prevent any vulnerabilities. The software is constantly updated, so all connections to the previous version are limited, logged and checked

Why to Use Data2CRM.Migration for CRM Import?

Data2CRM.Migration shapes the growth of your business success. Check out what you can get
using Data2CRM.Migration as a service for CRM Import.

Automatically Highrise Import

Automation assures your transfer to be swift
and simple

Custom Fields Migration

Custom transfer to meet the special company requirements

Free Demo Migration

Test transition offers you to observe
the service in action

100% Uptime of Both CRMs

No downtime and interruptions of
the business processes

Modules and Users Mapping

fields and users mapping in accordance with
the business needs

Data Security and Privacy

Security regulations guarantee to treat
the information privately

Want to try before you buy?

Test the CRM Import and see how your data would look on the future CRM.

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Case Studies

We offer A-level solutions for CRM Import to our clients in all over the world in any industries. Check out a few of our case studies

Migration of Activities and Attachments

Learn how Data2CRM successfully performed CRM data import of all needed information according to customer’s requirements.

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CRM Data Import of Notes and Emails

Find out how Data2CRM handled the migration of notes and email with relations to contacts and others modules during CRM data import.

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Explore the CRM requirements for logistics industry along with a few advice on facilitating data migration.

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What our clients say

Real testimonials from real clients

We are more than glad to find data2crm in our web search, they help us a lot migrating all the info from our old CRM to the new one, despite some issues we found (which is totally normal in this kind of jobs) they were supporting us until work was completed successfully, thanks a lot guys!!!

Alejandro Migliora

Alex and Lucy made the process easy to understand and painless. We are not a large company but our Highrise account was not set up properly and the migration process was a bit involved. In fact, I didn’t even realize how involved it was until Lucy took the time to go over each and every aspect of the migration and together we identified a few issues that required some special attention. Lucy was great and made suggestions that made the entire process go smoothly. Communication was great and very responsive. I would highly recommend Data2Migration to anyone looking to migrate from Highrise to Salesforce!

John Conway

I found data2crm because i was searching to change a licence CRM to a free CRM without downtime and using the same data. The test migration was successful and i’ll migrate my CRM in few days. Thanks for all!


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Why Should You Import Data to Highrise

Highrise is gaining more and more popularity among entrepreneurs and very small (3-5 people) startups. Its proclaimed benefits are simplicity, web accessibility, price, and extensibility. The application has been called “a personal assistant” providing a great number of just-as-needed tools to cope with day-to-day business tasks.

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