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Check out all the pros and cons of Zoho CRM System in order to increase your business’ revenue. In this section you’ll find all the useful information about Zoho that might be a nice solution for your business.

5 Cheap Salesforce Alternatives to Look for Today (2018)

salesforce alternatives
If all your friends decide to jump off the cliff, would you do the same? As tempting as it can be to follow the commands, it is better to weigh the pros and cons before making the decision. So why take the plunge with Salesforce just because everyone else is? Since today’s CRM market offers a huge variety of solutions, let’s go over the main cheap Salesforce alternatives to help you build a successful business and save your budget. How to Evaluate the Salesforce Competitors?Being the leading platform in the CRM space, Salesforce stands out for the different products built around the pivotal functionality like...

How to Migrate from SuiteCRM to Zoho: the Science of Simplicity [+Video]

Nowadays, business running process became a lot easier with a help of CRM platforms. With useful CRM software, you can manage client accounts, leads and orders to improve data and process management and cost control. Even if you are interested in increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction, it is essential to choose the ideal software...

SugarCRM vs Zoho Comparison: Brief Overview 2018

There are a huge number of CRM platforms on the market today. It is not surprising, as customer relationship management systems became a must-have tool for successful business running. Choosing the one that is best for your business can be rather a problem. This article aims to give a brief overview of SugarCRM vs Zoho...

Migrate Zoho to Odoo CRM and Advance your Company to the Next Level (2018)

migrate zoho to odoo
The business world is getting more and more competitive, and that drives organizations to put extra efforts in customers satisfaction. The companies require advanced CRM platforms to satisfy the clients’ needs better. The decision to move from the existing solutions to the different can be made for a host of reasons: starting from having outgrown...

Zoho CRM Overview & Guide For the Beginners

zoho crm overview
Do you know that Zoho CRM is one of the most popular online CRM systems and is used by more than 10 million users? That’s breath-taking! This customer relationship management platform was nominated as “Product of the Year” by InfoWorld in 2009, “Best Enterprise Start-Up” by TechCrunch in 2007, "Expert’s Choice Award 2015" and "Great...


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