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This is a set of useful articles about Vtiger CRM and its management. Apart from this, you’ll know how to migrate to Vtiger CRM in a fully automated way.

Top Cheap CRM Systems: Get the Best Platform for Nothing

Top Cheap CRM
 We all as business people are in constant search of the effective, yet affordable solutions for our companies. Sometimes you should pay a lot for achieving the visible results. But, as the proverb says, “All that glitters is not gold” - the same happens in the tech industry very often. There are many situations when the expensive solution doesn’t worth the money you paid for it. But, luckily, in the CRM industry you have a wide choice of the platforms that can satisfy different business needs. And not necessarily the best ones are the most costly. So, let’s take a closer look to the cheap...

CRM Cost Comparison of Top 11 Platforms (2018)

CRM Cost
CRM market is expanding extremely fast. According to Forbes, “By 2018, 62% of CRM will be cloud-based, and the cloud computing market will reach $127.5B”. Investing in this kind of tools today is important more than ever, as they boost sales efficiency and increase overall revenue for the company. The times changed, and now not...

Migrate from Vtiger to Salesforce like a Pro

vtiger to salesforce
Vtiger to Salesforce Data Migration in a Few StepsLooking through CRM platforms diversity, you won't find the worst or best solution. However, as it's said, 'Everyone to their trade' or be more specific - to their company demands. Currently, there are a lot of various CRM solutions available at the web aiming to help business...

10 Best Free CRM Software in 2018

best free CRM sofrware
You are searching for the new business ideas company owner. Or, maybe you are self-employed. Anyway, we are sure, that you do one's best for your business advance and enhancement. So, you probably know that the ability to satisfy your client’s needs is the key to your business success. Therefore, we can recommend you to...

Vtiger Migration Guide: Select a Suitable Way of Data Import

The guest post discovers 2 different ways on how to move CRM records to the latest version(vTiger 7.0). It was written by Jatinder who is a tech consultant and CRM expert. Ishwinder writes frequently at Techpikk.Vtiger is an extremely popular CRM application, and since Vtiger was free and open source only for many years after...


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