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Microsoft Dynamics CRM accelerates the sales performance and provides the wise and engaging marketing campaigns. By means of a customer interaction and multi-channel service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides your clients with unrivalled buying experience.

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM: the Main Aspects

Nowadays, CRM environment is progressing more than ever. Organizations depend on platforms to improve customer experience, enhance staff performance and increase revenue. However, when companies are expanding, they can feel a lack of CRM features and tools. That’s when they start looking for more advanced solutions with more efficient functionalities.Among the variety of CRM systems, a number of companies are opting for the accessibility and flexibility of the solutions like Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce. So, let’s take a critical look at the platforms and explore how to achieve a maximum benefit from each CRM.Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Similar and Different PointsBoth solutions are leading...

Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce: What Will You Choose in 2018?

dynamics vs salesforce
CRM is fast becoming the most sought-after type of business software. Many businesses find that the implementation of a CRM system has a big step toward business growth. On a general outlook, you are on the verge of using a tool that will eventually change the way you work. So, let’s take a closer look...

Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce Stunning Migration

microsoft dynamics to salesforce
The modern business world develops rapidly and dictates new rules of the game day-to-day. Therefore, it is the company’s owners responsibility to keep the finger on its pulse. Simply put, they should stay familiar with the recent changes and improvements to be ahead of the business competitors. As a result, CRM systems gets widespread use...

CRM Cost Comparison of Top 11 Platforms (2018)

CRM Cost
CRM market is expanding extremely fast. According to Forbes, “By 2018, 62% of CRM will be cloud-based, and the cloud computing market will reach $127.5B”. Investing in this kind of tools today is important more than ever, as they boost sales efficiency and increase overall revenue for the company. The times changed, and now not...

Microsoft CRM Data Migration Tool

ms crm data migration tool
Data migration becomes a primary task for the private entrepreneurs and companies that decided to change the current CRM. It can be a puzzling issue, since manual data entry may take a lot of time and effort. So, it is suggested to find some way to connect two systems. To that, your decision may...


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