Find out useful tips about Act! CRM as a leading customer relationship management application that may suit various demand and wishes. Providing its users with the effective built-in features this contact and customer manager turns to be the ultimate solution both for individual and teams. With Act! the everyday interaction appears to be harmonious way of building company-customer bridges.

Act! vs Salesforce: Comparison of Core Features

The endless flow of information makes it a bit complicated to run business effective and prolific. Therefore, it is advised to improve the customer interaction to get the desired results.  So, starting using a CRM system is a wise solution. Platforms are packed with features for storing and displaying data, growing and establishing customer relationships and enhancing a decision-making process.The diversity of CRM market makes it hard to choose the one for you. So, here is the comparison of the two platforms Act! vs Salesforce for you to check out. Act! vs Salesforce: Core FunctionalitiesSalesforce is mostly focused on satisfying the needs of enterprises. The...

Alternatives to ACT! CRM: Shoot the Right Choice

From early 1980s, CRM platforms have impacted business strategies and operations. So, the appearance of then-revolutionary integrated software, ACT!, in 1987, became a significant milestone in bringing CRM to workers’ fingertips. Later on, the software was known as SageACT!, but in 2013, Swiftpage took ownership of and re–branded the software as Act!  However, after this...


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