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SugarCRM Horizons or How to Strike the Right Business Path
With the swift-flowing course of business relationship development, the company-customer connection becomes multifaceted literary procedure. Starting from the targeted audience investigation and ending up with the positive customer experience building, business management processes are almost impossible without a flexible and …
SuiteCRM: Behind the Curtain of Open-Source Solution
SuiteCRM is considered to be the advanced solution for small and mid-size businesses. Being a mediator between company and customers, SuiteCRM helps to gain insights into your future customer behavior. Its functionality includes sales force automation, reporting, customer support, diligent …
Why And How to Migrate from SugarCRM to SuiteCRM [+Video]
Many consider -  more it costs, better it is but is it always true? When this question touches on the choice of CRM platform, many a one give their preference to the high-priced solutions. And, you know, when it is …
Migrating to Vtiger CRM. 5 Things That Make You Ponder
Theoretically, veritably good CRM platform allows a company to make the customer the epicenter of every cooperation. Trying to comprise all the possible features of dynamic and balanced instrument, CRM is the optimal solution for leveraging customer relationship to increase …
Why and How to Migrate SugarCRM to SuiteCRM [Infographic]
Thinking about switching your data to another CRM platform? It’s not an easy task, as you should take into account following points: CRM working fields, the size of your company, customization capabilities, prices. Reflecting on these, we’re going to compare …
How to Migrate from SuiteCRM to SugarCRM in a Fully Automated Way [+Video]
Currently, more and more people are willing to move their CRM data from SuiteCRM to SugarCRM, because of the will to get more robust and professional opportunities for customer relationship management. With that in mind, let’s check up what you …
5 Reasons Why Companies Migrate to SugarCRM
In a perfect world of customer relationship management, you follow a client during their purchase-lifecycle in a sound operation manner. You know all the customers, their prospects, and deals. But, when some clients significantly grow, you might face the challenge of …
SugarCRM to Vtiger Migration: What You’ll Gain From This
Currently, there are various types of CRM platforms that are aimed to help business owners with their company management. Each of them offers the high-level functionality to organize your sales, marketing, and customer support needs. Nevertheless, there are two bright …
SugarCRM vs Vtiger: Analyzing Facilities
In the dynamic world of business development, customer relationship management (CRM) platform is an indispensable instrument that harmonizes communication channels between both its users and clients. Being a unified solution for building company-customer bridges, CRM brings a plethora of opportunities …
Migrate SuiteCRM to SugarCRM Automatedly [Infographic]
Today it’s not a secret that CRM system has become an essential thing for successful business management. CRM is a driving force of business processes, strategies, and practices and it’s aimed to help you to increase your company revenue. Some …
SugarCRM Workflow Or How to Turn Leads into Profits
The primary benefit of using CRM system is the facility to automate every business process. And SugarCRM is considered to be the ingenious instrument that creates the favorable environment for building a company-customer relationship. Initially launched in 2004 SugarCRM has …
Be the Lord of the Rings with Your CRM [Infographic]
You know, having the best job ever doesn’t mean that Friday breaks no squares to you. To be frankly, even the most persistent workaholic is waiting for some Friday delight (so do we at Data2CRM). While doing research for further …
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