SuiteCRM: Behind the Curtain of Open-Source Solution

SuiteCRM is considered to be the advanced solution for small and mid-size businesses. Being a mediator between company and customers, SuiteCRM helps to gain insights into your future customer behavior. Its functionality includes sales force automation, reporting, customer support, diligent in-house collaboration, social CRM and marketing campaigns management.5 SuiteCRM Features To Build Bridges Vis-a-Vis#1 Open-Source CRMA. Einstein says, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”. In our time, these words could be interpreted to SuitCRM. With the help of SuiteCRM, you will be...

SugarCRM Horizons or How to Strike the Right Business Path

With the swift-flowing course of business relationship development, the company-customer connection becomes multifaceted literary procedure. Starting from the targeted audience investigation and ending up with the positive customer experience building, business management processes are almost...


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