Case study
Data Import of Notes and Emails with Relations to Contacts
Customer Concerns
A client has already performed the import of basic CRM modules: Accounts (60000), Contacts (120 000), Opportunities (45 000), Leads and Tasks. A problem was to migrate only Notes and Emails related to the Contacts of the current CRM together with their attachments.
  • Migrate business data from the existing CRM platform to new one
  • Avoid the business disruption during CRM transfer
  • Create the specific customization fields on the future CRM to perform the modules mapping
  • Migrate ONLY Notes and Emails together with their attachments that have relations with contacts.
We took into consideration all specific client’s recommendations regarding the CRM data import to a desired solution.

Data2CRM.Migration techs investigated the peculiarities of the current CRM, retrieved all Contacts from the current solution and correlate them by First/Last Name and Emails. Within one day, we created the detailed matching of contacts for further migration and received the confirmation from the customer.


Then, we use REST-API that helps us retrieve the attachments and notes for each Contact and perceive the relationship with them.


After that, we mapped all attachments and notes to the appropriate Contacts of the current and future CRMs.


The Quality Assurance (QA) department examined the migration results in accordance with the our checklist and customer requirements.


All Notes and Emails with their Attachments have been migrated with the relations to contacts.


Modules Mapping was performed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The Advantages of Data2CRM.Migration
Automatically CRM Data Migration
automation assures your transfer to be swift and simple
Custom Fields Migration
custom transfer to meet the special company requirements
Free Demo Migration
test transition offers you to observe the service in action
100% Uptime of Both CRMs
no downtime and interruptions of the business processes
Modules and Users Mapping
fields and users mapping in accordance with the business needs
Data Security and Privacy
security regulations guarantee to treat the information privately
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