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The customer’s existing platform has an outdated interface, lacks a number of the efficient functionality, as well as becomes too expensive. As a result, the client wants to improve the business processes and migrate CRM data (2 000 Accounts; 4 000 Opportunities; 2 500 Notes; 3 200 Events, 6 000 Contacts, 1 000 Leads, 5 000 Emails, 10 000 Calls, etc.) from the current solution to the more advanced one.

So, the customer’s database and team are ready to perform the transfer, the client takes advantage of Data2CRM and runs the CRM data migration in an automated way.

  • Migrate business data from the existing CRM to the suitable one
  • Avoid the business interruptions during CRM transfer
  • Move CRM data to the desired platform swift and securely
  • Transfer CRM records together with relations between the records
  • Ensure that data will be secured during CRM import secure
  • Map the fields and users in accordance with company needs
  • Import data without a possibility of any data loss
Since CRM data import can be a challenging task, our customer follows the next steps to perform the data import fast and securely:

Register an account at Provide your name, email, password and phone number.

Note! In order to perform the CRM migration, you have to be a user with an admin permission and obtain the valid access details of the current and future platforms. During the transfer, it’s only possible to move the entities that are accessible to the user who performs the import.


After that, go to the migration wizard and specify the details of the existing platform like login, password, email or API token, etc.


Then, fill out the credentials of the future platform by providing login, password, email, API token, etc.

Note! Depending on your existing or future CRM type, you can experience some issues while connecting the solutions:

  • In case you get an error with Salesforce details, explore how to fix this in our FAQs.
  • If you have a problem while specifying Zoho CRM details, find out how to resolve it here.


The next step is selecting the modules that need to be migrated:

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Accounts (Companies)
  • Tasks
  • Opportunities (Deals)
  • Users (Employees)
  • Notes
  • Products

Then, check the fields and users mapping (that was performed automatically with Data2CRM). Also, there is an opportunity to map the modules by your own in accordance with your specific business requirements.


Then, you can run a free Demo Migration to explore an automated tool in action. During the Demo, some data of selected modules will be migrated in accordance with your mapping setup.

After Demo is complete, you can check the results of the test migration by opening the new platform. Besides, you will get an email with a file that contains all detailed information about your Demo outcome.


Moreover, you can take advantage of the Migration Insurance to run the transfer over due to different reasons like changing the relations between the records. The repeated CRM migration helps safeguard your data and perform the migration once again.

Data2CRM.Migration Insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Migration is insured and can be restarted from your account dashboard in a one mouse click.
  • Insurance price ranges from 12% to 20% of total CRM Import price while for the new migration you will need to pay the full price.
  • Save your time by starting an existing migration over on your own without spending time on separate payment, etc.

Cost of Migration Insurance:

  • 12% of the total CRM migration allows 1 migration over 7-day period.
  • 15% of the total CRM migration allows 2 migration over 14-day period.
  • 20% of the total CRM migration allows 3 migration over 30-day period.

Additional option is Hire a Personal CRM Assistant to get additional support and other services after the migration is over.

Hire a Personal CRM Assistant option offers you the following benefits:

  • Create and configure custom fields on your target CRM  
  • Set up your accounts, contacts, and opportunities to appropriate view. That means Data2CRM specialists will add needed data modules, and arrange them according to your requirements.
  • Help to create Templates, Emails and Snippets.
  • Set up a workflow within your CRM (without adding information from third-party services), etc.

Cost of Hire a Personal CRM Assistant option:

1 hour of Data2CRM tech expert’s work costs $50.

Make your order before the full migration and get up to 20% off

  • 3 hours (during 5 days)  X $50 = $150  $135 - 10% save
  • 4 hours (during 10 days) X $50 = $200  $170 - 15% save
  • 5 hours (during 15 days) X $50 = $250  $200 - 20% save


If you are satisfied with the Demo results, you can proceed with CRM data migration that usually takes up to 1 hour. However, in case your CRM includes a lot of records and attachments, the transfer can be performed for several hours. Finally, to check the transition results, go to the migration dashboard and explore whether your records are moved in the proper way.

The Advantages of Data2CRM.Migration
Automatically CRM Data Migration
automation assures your transfer to be swift and simple
Custom Fields Migration
custom transfer to meet the special company requirements
Free Demo Migration
test transition offers you to observe the service in action
100% Uptime of Both CRMs
no downtime and interruptions of the business processes
Modules and Users Mapping
fields and users mapping in accordance with the business needs
Data Security and Privacy
security regulations guarantee to treat the information privately
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