Migrate Custom Fields To and From Dynamics CRM Automatically

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The Holidays has past already, but our team keeps cheering you with presents. So, catch the new update from Data2CRM.

From now on you can

Migrate Custom Fields to and from Dynamics CRM Automatically

Means, you can transfer more modules than ever before.

Migrate to Dynamics CRM the following modules automatically:Migrate from Dynamics CRM the following modules automatically:
 accounts accounts
 attachments attachments
 calls calls
 campaigns campaigns
 cases cases
 comments comments
 contacts contacts
 custom fields custom fields
 leads emails
 meetings leads
 notes meetings
 opportunities notes
 posts opportunities
 products posts
 tasks products


In case you want to check out how your data (including Custom Fields) will look in Dynamics CRM, try out Data2CRM service in action.

Move a limited amount of your real data from the current CRM, CSV, Excel, Gsuite to Dynamics CRM or from it by running Demo Migration. That is a free and secure option.

Otherwise, contact Data2CRM expert for the useful insights.


Hope, you will enjoy Data2CRM update and migration in general.


Data2CRM team

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