Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM: Embark on a Fresh Start 2019

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Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM: Embark on a Fresh Start 2019

Every company has specific objectives, requirements, and tools that help to accomplish the desired results. Besides, the business owners always look for the more advanced platforms that include the modern functionality at a reasonable price to keep up with the times and stay competitive. So, the complexity of CRM features, lack of the required capabilities, as well as overinvestment in the software spur many companies to perform Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM migration. Let’s take a brief look at both solutions and find out the main steps of data import from one to another.


Microsoft Dynamics vs HubSpot CRM: Hunt New Benefits

Both solutions vary in a number of aspects starting from having a distinctive year of establishment to running the companies of different sizes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was designed in 2003 to fit the enterprises. HubSpot CRM attracts small and mid-sized organizations since 2015. Besides the fact that the systems have a weighty age gap and target the companies of various formats, the solutions differ in some functionality options:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a clean interface, but has a steep learning curve and can be overwhelming to work with due to a wide range of configuration and customization options. For instance: the analytical tools can provide information in the dashboards. So, when the report is critical to the business processes, the platform might be rigid to use. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with 144 applications like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Pardot, etc.
  • HubSpot CRM obtains a user-friendly interface and enables you with a 360-degree view of the clients’ data. The solution can link into anywhere your sales process is happening -- email, social media and more. The platform logs phone calls, and If you exchange an email with a customer, it is automatically updated in the database so you can keep making contacts and closing deals. HubSpot CRM comprises 25 integration options and works seamlessly with the HubSpot Marketing Platform and the Sidekick Chrome extension.


Pricing Value

Regarding the costs, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers 3 paid editions:

  • Dynamics 365 Plan – from $210 user/month – all applications use is available.
  • Unified Operations Plan – from $190 user/month – applications use that help to connect and manage the business operations.
  • Customer Engagement Plan – $115 user/month – applications use to build and approve customer relationship.
  • Additional users:
    • Full User – from $40 per user/month – full access to application functionality.
    • Team Members – from $5 per user/month – execute necessary processes and light tasks.
  • Additional applications and offers use – $40 – $170 user/month

HubSpot CRM gains the upper hand over Microsoft Dynamics CRM in terms of pricing as the solution is free forever.

By and large, no matter what sized organization you are, if you are looking for a lightweight and affordable CRM solution, the migration from Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM can be the right choice.


Why Choose Trujay for Your Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM Migration

Pay attention to the real client's testimonial and make your choice.
Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot

CRM Migration: Fast Path for a Fresh Start

Data import from one CRM to another is one of the most important elements of the successful CRM implementation. However, it is also the daunting action causing the customers to reassess moving to a new system. A thought of any data loss or time-consuming process holds back many clients to perform a transfer. An automated migration service Trujay can help you complete the data import fast and securely, as well as benefit from the following advantages:

  • SaaS eliminates the possibility to keep internal or external CRM records. The solution guarantees to treat the information privately and offers to sign the Trujay Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA);
  • service includes an opportunity to map the fields and users on your own and preserve the data structure;
  • an automated tool excludes any interruptions of company processes and assures the total uptime of both CRM systems.
  • Trujay allows you to evaluate the data import in action and run a free Sample Migration.


Import Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM with Ease

Now, when you chose Trujay to launch the migration hands-off and accurately, follow the several steps to complete a project:

Step 1. Go to Wizard and start one-page sample migration right away. No registration required. Specify your existing CRM,  Microsoft Dynamics from a drop-down box and provide Url, email, and password. Now, define your destination CRM - Hubspot. You’ll be redirected to your Hubspot where you should log into your account to allow us the data access. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the migration wizard automatically. When all is done, launch free Sample migration. And don't forget to provide email before starting free Sample migration so we will send the results there.

Notice. At the very first time, your data fields will be mapped automatically according to the most common logic.

hubspot to salesforce

Step 2. Check out your Sample migration results. If you are satisfied, choose a suitable insurance plan and launch full Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM migration.

hubspot to salesforce


In case you are not happy with Sample results, press the Change options and set up mapping custom. Select users and items you’d like to migrate to your new CRM platform. Check the corresponding boxes to migrate your accounts, contacts, tasks, opportunities, leads, and notes together with the related activities such as calls and events.

hubspot to salesforce


hubspot to salesforce


Keep in mind that you can change mapping and re-run Sample migration for free as many times as needed.

The service will transfer all your data without any hassles and business interruptions so you will be able to get to work right away as well as implement your post-migration actions.


Final Upshot

If you are looking for a platform with a simple and intuitive interface, as well as features at the affordable price, take the above-mentioned information into consideration.

Hope that hacks will simplify a task of Microsoft Dynamics to HubSpot CRM migration with an automated migration service Trujay.

Also, you can estimate migtation price with no need to run a Sample migration.

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