An Interview with Jonathan Moran: “Work smarter, not always harder”

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Editor’s note: The business world is changing rapidly. Therefore, most company owners are fond of taking expert’s insights to be a step ahead of competitors and keep leadership.

To that point, we took an interview with Jonathan Moran, a Global Director of Product Marketing at Earnix and an Experienced B2B Product Marketing Professional.

So, pay attention to his answers to the following questions:
  1. You are customer experience and solutions engagement expert. So please, tell our readers some words about the client's interaction? By, is it much important for the business success?
    Understanding and being able to react to customers in real time is necessary in today’s digital economy. Brands must be able to deliver a contextual and personalized interaction that includes delivering the right product or service, over the right channel, at the right point in time. Failure to do this often results in missed opportunities for customer conversion, retention, migration, or growth.

  2. In your opinion, is it worthwhile to provide self time-management and make predictions for the further daily/monthly/yearly business activity?
    (I think what you are asking here is if it is worthwhile or a good use of time to predict business activity)
    I certainly think it is worthwhile to use analytics and other tools to predict how customers may move over time and how that movement will impact business Key Performance Indicators. I also think there is a balance between spending too much time doing this – to the detriment of other activities – versus allocating the proper time periods. Having and tracking key metrics for the betterment of the business is certainly something I would advise.

  3. You write the articles for the CMSwire site. Would you mind to give us some words what about are they?
    They are primarily about the customer experience, and how analytic tools and techniques can and will improve the experience that a customer receives. Most recently they have been about how topics in industry, including machine learning.

  4. According to your LinkedIn account information, you make a software marketing career that presents the enterprise new ideas on how to drive the business best. This way, can you give our readers some tips and tricks advice?
    • Read and research. Stay up to date on the latest industry trends and techniques.
    • Continually Improve. Whether this is self guided learning or general training, make sure you are always trying to learn new things – both inside and outside of work.
    • Challenge Yourself. Take on new opportunities and make sure you are always attempting to “raise the bar” on what you and your team can accomplish.
    • Build rest and relaxation into your schedule. Work smarter, not always harder – in order to accomplish things in acceptable time periods.

  5. To your mind, is it necessary to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to achieve both corporate and personal goals? In case the answer is “Yes,” can you advise some platform?
    There are many tools out there you can leverage to make your marketing efforts more achievable – it really depends on what you want to accomplish and how. I would say that managing the customer experience takes more than just a CRM tool – but a complete customer experience stack. I talk about that in more detail in my article here.

We appreciate such a useful and all-in-depth interview from Jonathan.
We hope our readers enjoyed it too. And it will help to achieve the business growth, and customer interaction succeed.

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