How to Make the Most out of CRM Software Demos

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It’s well-known that a good CRM system can be a game changer in running your business. You just have to choose the one for your company. Because of the huge variety of platforms on the CRM market today, it’s quite tricky to select the best for one’s business. That is why you may find a lot of reviews, and some CRM systems offer a demonstration option. But where to start with demos?

It can be time-consuming to schedule and sit in on demonstrations, so it’s better to choose 2-4 solutions you would like to continue with in the future. This step will help you to concentrate on platforms that fit the best your business.

Before starting with software demos check out 3 tips for your effective time and resources use.


Private Demonstration

CRM vendors mostly suggest already recorded or group software demo option, so it is recommended to request a private demonstration, customized to your company’s requirements and needs. This will allow sales reps to pay more attention to the system’s features that are the most valuable for your business, and not on some unneeded stuff.


Keep up to Your Goals and Priorities

CRM vendors offer a lot of modish features and abilities that can easily get you confused. So, it is important you keep focused on the business’s main priorities and goals in a CRM. It means, concentrate on features you will use from day to day, and not on ones that are just ‘cool’. Great thing to do, is to make a list of everyday tasks and actions that your team currently perform and ask CRM vendors to show how to carry out these tasks in their solution.


Take Good Notes

It may sound too obvious, but it is an important thing to do. After seeing a few CRM systems, their features will probably blur together. So, it’s good to have some detailed notes regarding what you liked and didn’t like about the certain CRM platform. It is also useful to have more than one person from your company to investigate each software demo, so that the review will be more subjective.


To Sum Up

Take into consideration these tips and be prepared for exploring CRM software demos with precise goals and purposes.  

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