CRM Predictions of 2018: The Innovations Are at The Doorstep

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CRM Predictions of 2018: Get Ready for What is Coming

On a modern business market, it is necessary to keep up with the changes. Otherwise, you would be blown away to the backyard to other outdated companies that cannot evolve. To improve the performance of your organization the first you should is to implement some tech novelties.

Nowadays bringing an innovative customer experience to your clients is the core feature of a successful business strategy. As the sales department is the one that is responsible most for customer service, the tech adoption should start from it. One of the most effective solutions to boost the productivity of the company is CRM software.

Such a platform has already proven its leading role in an organization's strategy. The system is irreplaceable when it comes to the high-quality customer service. As the forecasting season has begun, let’s see which CRM predictions for 2018 the experts are considering as the most expected.

First of all, the forecasts say that in 2018, 62% of CRMs will be cloud-based due to the popularity and approachability of this kind of platforms.

Also, the CRM predictions are dealing with the fact that in the beginning, such software was focusing only on improving the sales and marketing performance in the company. Today it is more than that. The platforms are already influencing the customer engagement with the businesses and make it stronger. According to the forecasts, Social CRM market will grow on the large scale in 2018 and will become a huge trend among the enterprises.

According to the Forrester study, the companies benefit a lot from implementing a CRM system.


  • When integrated properly the platform can help to increase ROI up to 245%
  • 50% of teams improved productivity
  • Sales productivity grew by 5%
  • Consultation time was reduced by 10%
  • And many more
Marketing budgets saved at least $75.000.

Among top famous CRMs there are:
  • Salesforce (market leader which share is expected to reach 24% in 2018)
  • MS Dynamics CRM (forecast say the company’s revenue will be $2.5 billion by the end of 2018)
  • SAP (20% of market share till the end of 2018)
  • SugarCRM (leading open-source software will also evolve in 2018)
The mentioned-above and many more statistics you can check out in the CRM predictions infographics:

CRM Predictions 2018 | An Infographic

Credit: Algoworks

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