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The employees of advertising and media agencies are in love with innovations and ideas. Yet, an issue can arise in bringing the same motivation to the project management. So, in order to get the balance between the creative and business sides of the organization, the creative professionals should keep the sales funnel moving ahead to meet the deadlines.

A survey conducted by TechValidate and Insightly indicates that 64% of created professionals consider the data organization as their biggest issue before implementing CRM. Half of the responders had difficulties in managing the customers, and over a third obtained problems while dealing with projects.

So, let’s check out the infographic provided by Insightly to find out the biggest pain points the survey uncovered, as well as how creative professionals can benefit from CRM advertising and media.

All in all, CRM advertising and media agencies not only helps managing customer information and automate the processes but provides the following advantages:

  • centralized client and sales data: all in one location, accessible anytime and from any department, as well as device;

  • prospects’ history and interactions reachable with an easy search, so each customer’s issue is addressed swiftly and thoroughly;

  • project management runs more smoothly as deadlines are met across all departments;

  • opportunity to collaborate with teams throughout the creative process, keeping everyone on the same page, both client-facing and internally.

Final Words

Being the advertising and media agency that hesitates to make an investment and implement CRM, you should consider the fact that for every dollar spent on the platform, $8.71 is generated in revenue. So, keep in mind that successfully configured CRM can boost more deals, improve client experience and build customer loyalty.

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