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The Internet keeps establishing its culture and you, perhaps, heard about the rule of 1% (it can also be described as 90-9-1 principle) that states that only 1% of users create content, 9% edit and 90% just lurking. So, this CRM digest offers you the most interesting and useful posts offered by this very active 1%. Let’s get to the point, this week digest is going to deal with various topics and issues businesspeople face in their performance. Read our CRM digest and make innovations happen in your company but not elsewhere.

#1 What is a Happy Medium of DBAs?

In the digitized landscape that brings new records nearly every minute, you need to have a DBA (database administrator) in your staff. But how many DBAs you need to exclude the problems of database and architect the smooth performance? Answers to these questions you may find in Craig S. Mullins’ post “How Effective Are Your DBAs?” at

#2 Mobile Privacy As A New Issue

Several years ago marketers had opened a new platform for engagement and advertising - mobile phones, smartphones, etc. - and started to gather customer data. This aspect the trust levels to brands become decreasing significantly. Thomas Husson depicts this issue in his post “Build Trust or Die” at his blog on

#3 Salespeople Should Provide Resources or Be Provided?

There is a lot of buzz about the importance of the data-driven decisions in marketing and sales processes. So, in the middle of your CRM digest, we highly advise you to spare few minutes on the article “4 Ways to Build A Productive Sales Culture” of Frank V.Cespedes and Steve Maugham at Harvard Business Review. The authors dwell on the data, tasks, employees and aligning all these to the business strategy along with offering the required resources to the team for seeing the growth of revenue, as well as succeeding in the ROI race.

#4 Does Social Media Help to Improve Customer Experience?

Social media is a powerful leverage for business growth and gaining more extensive customer audience. This is an ideal positioning of this aspect in business running; yet many organizations have no social media strategy, as well as have no transparency between the departments what, when and why appears on the company social media accounts. Christy Perry’s post “Three Signs Your Social Media Strategy Is Harming Your Customer Experience” at will help you figure out whether your strategy is customer-centric.

#5 Characteristics of Technically-Hacked Staff

The world changes, and we get used to running eBusiness, manage terabytes of data and offer quality service in the competitive environment. The last but not least point in this CRM digest is devoted to the issue of recruiting the skilled and competent employees. Martin Gill in his post “Five Killer Competencies Your Digital Team Needs” at his blog on suggests the key features of the modern employee. Want to get practical CRM tips and insights right to your inbox? Then you should subscribe to Data2CRM newsletter and receive useful posts on a weekly basis.

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