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News of universal importance! MagneticOne unveils the further portion of innovative rock solution. From now on, the automated CRM data migration is more than just a reality; it’s 5-step magic that will import all your data to the dream CRM at a fast clip.

Being the well-known ecommerce expert and developer of unique business solutions, MagneticOne has directed its efforts to simplify the life of entrepreneurs. On July, 10 it launches Data2CRM Beta! This is the web service for automated data import from one CRM platform to another. Here’s the horizon of automated Data2CRM migration:

  • No additional software installation
  • Reliable procedure of CRM data switch
  • No coding skills required

From the very first jump, Migration.Data2CRM supports at one blow three CRM platforms – SugarCRM, BPMonline, and SuiteCRM fast and accurate data import.

So, try all the benefits of automated CRM switch with Data2CRM, visiting! Just start free demo migration, to check up the service in action and breath a new life into your business management!

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