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Businesses always seek for and try to implement updates into the performance haunting the revenue and competitiveness levels growth. Thus, it is quite hard to keep the pace with innovations, and the old proven methods of constant reporting, hiring the expensive professionals, and deep performance analysis delivers lower results. So, the question is how to accelerate your sales pipeline and work smarter, not harder.

Outlook of An Average Company Daily Round

In the average company, marketing and sales departments work separately though they use the same CRM system with extensive data transparency capabilities. Yet, these teams have different objectives, and lack of cooperation as each has some prejudices and underestimate the roles.

Despite the automation of the manual processes, marketing managers gather leads and route them to the sales department with a minor accent on the qualification. So, sales reps waste a lot of time on prospects that require nurturing and try to nurture those clients that are ready to buy.

Incorporation of marketing automation into the business performance enhances the process of departments cooperation and aids greatly in your sales pipeline acceleration.

Marketing vs. Sales Pipeline View on Leads

The traditional sales pipeline consists of the following stages: prospecting, qualification, proposal, decision, and repeat business. Thus, it is designed for the ideal customer while the actual buying personas may come to you with different objectives and varying readiness for making purchases. Depending on the business strategy type - b2b, b2c or b2b2c, the sales cycles may last from a couple of days to a couple of months. So to accelerate your sales pipeline include marketing and sales departments into the process of developing buyer’s journey through awareness, consideration and decision stages.

Make sure that your team has a single view of the sales funnel. In the customer-centric approach, customers will go through the following phases of buyer’s journey:

  1. Prospect/Visitor
  2. Lead
  3. Marketing qualified lead
  4. Sales qualified lead
  5. Opportunity
  6. Customer

The appropriate qualifying of leads will help you to convert your prospects faster and deliver the satisfying and delightful buying experience.

8 Hints to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

With the innovation and automation of the business processes, the length of sales pipeline is reduced considerably. Yet, to make it workable and efficient, you can employ the following tips

#1 Incorporate blended marketing and sales lead scoring for ensuring the right qualification of your prospects and, therefore, run the similar approach for dealing with each client.

#2 Automate the lead assigning a process to marketing managers or sales reps. It will improve the quality of performance and help to exclude low-quality leads from further nurturing.

#3 Track and analyze the route each lead through the sales pipeline for defining its location and advance your approaches on the go.

#4 Build trusted and closer relationships with customers by mutual work, one-to-one communication, and personalized follow-ups.

#5 Buyers come to you with different objectives. Marketing automation will enhance the process of delivering appropriate content what will essentially accelerate your sales pipeline.

#6 Don’t give up on leads that require more nurturing to convert into the closed deal. Participate with them in their research process, provide relevant information, and communicate to gain more trust.

#7 Employ the follow-ups automation for keeping the interaction process with your customers. This option allows to create personalized messages and schedule their sending out.

#8 Run real-time, campaign and lifecycle reports for optimization of your sales funnel management. Moreover, it is a good practice to combine marketing and sales reports on the single dashboard for seeing what stage your prospects are, how long does it take to nurture them, and detect the options for maximizing the speed of the pipeline.

To get more info about sales pipeline you may read Follow Up Boss's article 'The Sales Pipeline Prescription: How to Cure the 10 Most Common Ailments Plaguing Your Pipeline'.

To Sum up

Wrapping it all up, you see that engaging marketing and sales teams into lead nurturing and qualification process will boost your sales pipeline speed. Besides, the implementation of marketing automation will facilitate the daily routine and manual processes.

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