Enjoy the Act! Premium Web Automated migration by Trujay

Act! Premium Web Automated migration
Did you miss updates from Trujay/Data2CRM?Well, here we are.From now on our users can enjoyAct! Premium Web Automated migration!Here’s a list of modules that can be migrated to and from Act! premium web automatically: accounts attachments calls contacts events meetings notes opportunities products tasksUsers can be transferred from the platform only. Stop wasting your time, use free and secure Sample import to switch a limited amount of data to Act! premium web. For more options contact our experts and request advice or Custom migration.Notice that the connections between records will be preserved regardless of which migration mode was chosen. Hope you enjoy data migration with us.Best regards...

8 Best free CRM software Reviews 2019

8 Best free CRM software Reviews 2019
The truth of the modern business world is that the business owners compete with each other and seek new possibilities all the time to defense own leading positions on the market. So, if you wish best for the company, don't ever forget that the client is a king and you must have the ability to...

The Answer to Why Change CRM in 2019

why change crm
Would you agree with the statement that it is hard to imagine a successful business that does not use CRM? Probably, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of CRM. Nevertheless, many companies continue using spreadsheets or alike ways to collect, organize and analyze information. It is pretty common and appears there’s no need to...

How to Successfully Migrate to HubSpot CRM

migrate to hubspot
Today seems that the successful business must use a CRM system and its best management, sales, and marketing features. A well-suitable solution can help you to: receive, store, and analyze tons of various information about your customers, get beautiful reports on the business processes, make more effective and wise decisions, meet clients’ needs...

Migrate Salesforce to SugarCRM to Employ Effectiveness [+Video] 2019

Salesforce to SugarCRM
The improving sales and campaigns become an object of significance for growing revenue and company ROI. The successful business owner has to be an artist and mix together marketing, sales, and all communication mastery. Old habits die hard, but when there is an urgent need, the changes are inevitable.And it’s directly relevant to the issue...

How to Avoid CRM Migration Pitfalls

In today's business world, data transfer is a pretty standard and often necessary task. Quickly developing technologies offer new possibilities,...


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