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Filters Toolkit for Seamless CRM Integration
Key Values & Benefits
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Scope Your clients have refined the database in their CRM: deleted unqualified, irrelevant, faulty or spammy records. So far, they need the instant update on the data to eliminate the unnecessary reaching out deleted people or companies in your solution.
Filter & Usage Apply a date indicator filter with the following methods to retrieve those records:
  • get deleted lead
  • get deleted contact
  • get deleted account
Recommended for email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing, sales productivity services
Scope When you provide customers with lead base enrichment, they want to have these records directly in their CRM. Thus, some information or records may be already in the system, so there appears a need to check the lead, contact, account and opportunity lists.
Filter & Usage Employ an email filter with the next methods for duplicates elimination:
  • get lead
  • get contact
  • get account
  • get opportunity
Recommended for data enrichment services
Scope The new leads and contacts in your customer database appear almost every minute. Instead of constant updates in CRM monitoring, you can use a time filter to collect specific records to run sticking campaigns with proper offers.
Filter & Usage Utilize the following methods with a time filter:
  • get lead
  • get contact
  • get account
  • get opportunity
Recommended for email marketing, marketing automation, SMS marketing services
Scope Let’s say your customers run campaigns and apply specific phone number to the keywords, ads, or products. To improve the quality of the initiatives, the companies want to see the results and number of attracted customers.
Filter & Usage Apply the phone number filter and the methods:
  • get lead list
  • get contact list
  • get opportunity list
Recommended for call tracking tools
Scope The interaction with attendees during the webinar can be used as extra information for the improvement of lead scoring. With email filter, you enhance the process of adding these questions or comments as notes.
Filter & Usage Here you should apply two types of methods:
a) collect the required records with email filters:
  • get lead
  • get contactt
  • get account
  • get opportunity

b) update them by adding notes field:
  • get lead
  • get contactt
  • get account
  • get opportunity
Recommended for web conferencing
Scope Aiming to provide the high-quality service and agile workflow for a sales team, your clients are looking forward to equally relevant data (i.e. tasks, opportunities, meeting, calls) in both: your service and their CRMs. The refresher filter helps you to enable such an option without sending numerous API requests. You can set a time for adding the updates into CRM every 5, 15, 30 minutes or choose another duration.
Filter & Usage Take advantage of this filter and employ it to the following methods:
  • edit task
  • edit opportunity
  • edit meeting
  • edit call
Recommended for sales productivity services
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